Help for Parents

Our intensive 12-week Parent/Caregiver Coaching Program is specifically designed to increase communication, social, and play skills for young children diagnosed with Autism and other speech and social delays within your daily family routines and activities. 

The Mission

By empowering you to become your child's primary teacher as early as possible, we can effectively narrow the gap of delay from your child's peers...which sadly continues to widen while they remain on a waiting list for a specific therapy or diagnosis.

Why us?

Our  Coach is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 20 years of experience helping young children reach their highest potential using ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). She has always believed that teaching parents and caregivers to implement the strategies themselves which have been typically reserved for the "professionals" will bring the greatest success.
We utilize the evidence-based Project ImPACT coaching program to provide parent/caregiver training that brings life-changing effects in the areas of social, play, imitation, communication, and problem behavior reduction for children with Autism and other types of social communication delays. 

Changing the

We believe that time spent waiting for a spot to open up for a specific therapy or intervention program is precious, irreplaceable time that could instead be used teaching your child the foundational skills they need to reach the developmental milestones they currently lack. Spending just 12 weeks of in-home (in-person, virtual, or hybrid)

coaching sessions, twice per week for 60-90 minutes at a time, has the potential to entirely change the trajectory of your child's life. 

The emphasis of you (the parent/caregiver) as the teacher acting within your family's already occurring activities and routines provides the highest amount of possible learning opportunities throughout a child's day. Adding a few minutes to your daily activities and routines using the strategies taught and coached within this program means that your life (and time) does not have to be greatly altered in order for you to still see tremendous progress for your child!